Daniel Maszkowicz & Nat Cilia @ Shiny Toys Festival – 27.11.2021

Daniel Maszkowicz and Nat Cilia will build a sound spaceship with 16 small speakers scattered around. The public will be invited to sit or lie down for a voyage to be enjoyed by astral projection or flying carpet. One original 45 min set is being prepared.


Daniel Maszkowicz
psychoacoustics | brainwaves | ASMR noise | feedbacks

Daniel Maszkowicz, INFLUUT 2021

Daniel Maszkowicz works on digital function generators and analogue synthesizers for multi-channel soundscapes. With his devices, he brings the audience into an immersive hypnotic atmosphere by merging brainwave frequencies and binaural effects into an intense magma of resonating waves. Low frequency beats, psychoacoustic synthesis and complex resonance patterns are the main ingredients of this illuminated scientist.

Daniel Maszkowicz is engineering research scientist in power electronics, curator for independent cinema, multidisciplinary performing artist, composer and producer. He is co-founder of electroacoustic jazz duo INFLUUT, primitive analogue electronics duo Biblioteq Mdulair, and performance collective SM Noise. His solo psychoacoustic project Kosmos·core· (a.k.a Générateurs, Cosmos, Cosmic Sleep) takes several forms, from short and intense live concerts to long hypnotic marathon performances. Nowadays, he works on algorithmic sounds and installations, enjoys Data Sonifcation with Python and SuperCollider, all with an approach that brings together science and art, letting speak both the engineer and the artist.


Nat Cilia
saxophone | voice | metallic objects | loops

Nat Cilia, INFLUUT 2021

Nat Cilia works with acoustic instruments that she plays together with various metallic objects. Building up rich content with long lasting loops, she explores new ways to musical narratives and emotional expressions. She will play two pieces with a sound spatialisation made by Daniel Maszkowicz, her duo partner of electroacoustic post Jazz duo INFLUUT.

Nat Cilia is a multidisciplinary graduated professional artist. She participated as an actress, dancer, composer, and musician (piano, saxophone, voice) to various production, mainly in Switzerland, France and Spain, notably with the direction of Jean-Pierre Raffaelli, Roland Olbeter, Esterina Zarrillo and company La Fura dels Baus. She founded Ooops! Company, international company for corporal and visual theatre production alongside artist Kristina Orlovic with whom she created several productions (ooopscompany.com). She works now on her multidisciplinary creation INTUITO.